Position 1/52 : Typography

The Body Is Too Weak
by: DarioTipan
The Body Is Too Weak The Body Is Too Weak The Body Is Too Weak The Body Is Too Weak


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Position 1/52

The Body Is Too Weak

During my 3rd semester at the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial in Quito, Ecuador I had a class with Professor Christopher Scott in which we focused on Typography with Photography. Throughout the process it was great to express my creativity in this new way to design posters.

The 5 photos are part of a series called 'The Body Is Too Weak' which I wanted to communicate that the human body is very fragile and we need to look after it in terms of mentally and physically.

Each photo is in some way connected with materials, lighting, colors and typography in relation to the concept of each individual word.

Design: DarioTipan

Client: DarioTipan

Professor: Christopher Scott

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