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Disorder, please!
by: RemedioVisualEstudio
Disorder, please! Disorder, please! Disorder, please! Disorder, please!


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Position 9/378

Disorder, please!

A few months ago we learned about the CHEAP / CHEAP STREET POSTER ART FESTIVAL 2017, which is held in Bologna, Italy, where we have the pleasure of participating with a poster.
Every year a space is created to participate in the festival by issuing a call for artists open to not only street artists, but also graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and visual artists in general. The cheap call came pieces of artists and powerful countries that were printed in a poster format and stuck on the walls of the suburbs of Bologna.
#Desorden - this is the cheap theme you have chosen for your 2017 call for artists, so that you set the chaotic wave of artistic expression, creative and independent to imagine new forms and joints of disorder through the visual arts.
A festival where the streets of Bologna are filled with poster, paste, black and white papers on the walls, visual disorder, opinions, debates, ideas, freedom of expression, a huge gallery, where the habitat of the poster is the Street ..

Design: José Miguel Flores López

Client: Cheap Street Poster Art Festival

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