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Croatia in a Box
by: IzvorkaJ
Croatia in a Box Croatia in a Box Croatia in a Box Croatia in a Box


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Position 5/64

Croatia in a Box

Croatia in a Box is a new brand in the tourism and gastronomy sector. Croatia in a Box delivers high-quality Croatian products in the product line of gift / souvenir packaging and in the future through a chain of “pop-up” stores.

The project includes the creation of verbal and visual communication, visual identity and the design of the packaging systems / packaging line of gift boxes for various combinations of product packages. Communication is primarily oriented to tourists with more purchasing power, who travel through Croatia for business or pleasure, looking for a souvenir / gift representing Croatia in a different and fresh way. On the other hand there are Croatian citizens who look for an interesting, valuable and a representative present.

The basic idea is based on communicating Croatian heritage in a different way than usual, in order to avoid corporate and very often cold tricolor national identity and to make a new identity that presents the traditional values and cultural heritage of Croatia in a modern and emotional way that aims to capture the attention and stand out from the classic premium offer in this sector, to convey emotion (the Croatian experience), and to present Croatia as a place rich in colors, flavors, scents, pleasures (Mediterranean, Slavonia, produce, sun, sea, sky, the rich cultural heritage …).

The brand and slogan are placed in a square form that is the basic element of the Croatian national identity and the meaning of brands – a gift box.

The identity was built by selecting elements of Croatian heritage (the pleter design, Glagolitic, folk embroidery, ornaments of architecture, etc.) that are stylized and interpreted in the colors of the Mediterranean and continental Croatia. Each element from which the identity was made is presented in a short story that provides interesting and educational information about Croatia.

Design: Izvorka Juric / Motus Vis

Client: Ecolo

Copywriter: Igor Poturic
Collaborator: Stela Kovacic
Photography: Maja Danica Pečanić

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