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familee App
by: mwaysolutions
familee App familee App familee App familee App


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Position 4/21

familee App

The familee app helps parents guide children towards safely using their smartphones. Do your kids spend too much time with their smartphones? Are they playing games or using chat apps you don’t approve?

familee lets you set rules for your kid’s phones like what apps are they allowed to use and how long. Also, you can track how much time kids spend on their phones.
Help your kids learn how to safely handle all the media and communication options that their smartphones offer.

familee lets parents decide which apps they allow their kids to use, set a daily usage limit for smartphones and tablets, track their kids' phone usage, locate their kids and receive emergency calls

The familee kids app lets children control their own daily usage time, call their parents for help, ask for more usage time, optionally after finishing some task like homework etc.

Design: M-Way Solutions

Client: familee GmbH

Illustrations & Sound Design: Christian Kahl

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