Position 2/21 : Digital Media

by: Krasskreativkollektiv
www.krasskreativkollektiv.com www.krasskreativkollektiv.com


very nice design, so pure and minimalistic!
Krasskreativkollektiv 11.11.2014, 15:50

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Position 2/21


We are a group of six creative minds, that stand between studies and work. On our website we would like to present our projects and ideas.
We all met during our master's programme in architecture in berlin, which started in 2012, and worked closely together ever since. The results cover different topics such as new constructions, constructions in existing contexts, urban planning, product design, architectural theory, art and photography. Our common interests frequently led us to smaller excursions, as to the International Building Exhibition Hamburg, and to a number of events andexhibitions that concern the already mentioned thematic areas. Since we invested a lot of time and effort in our works we would like to present them not only in class but also to the outside world. All the latest informations about projects, works and events can be found in our blog.
We are pleased to receive comments, critics and ideas of any kind. If you are interested in a work cooperation with us or one of us just use the contactformular or send an direct email. Enjoy looking through our gallery.


Design: Krasskreativkollektiv

Client: Krasskreativkollektiv

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