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Camp Tanadoona
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Camp Tanadoona Camp Tanadoona Camp Tanadoona Camp Tanadoona


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Position 4/38

Camp Tanadoona

With big plans to update its aging campground, Camp Tanadoona asked FAME to give their branding a little update, too. Starting with materials for the camp’s open house, FAME set forth to give Camp Tanadoona a unique look and an approachable, quirky personality. Along with a new logo, freshly rebranded goodies included four illustrated “T” graphics, each representing an irresistible array of activities kids enjoy at Camp T. From there, camper t-shirts, water bottles, mosquito repellent (because bug spray can’t keep fun away) and a refreshed capital campaign all contributed to FAME’s portion of a little project we fondly dubbed Camp Tana-re-doona. And doona done did—word ‘round the campfire is registration is up. Someone, quick. Cue the bugle.

Design: FAME

Client: Camp Tanadoona

Chief Creative Officer: Bruce Edwards
Creative Director: Eric Weiss
Designer: Sutasinee Seitz
Creative Director: Julie Feyerer
Copywriter: April Swinson

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